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Favorite Food Fridays: Sabzi Polo

Favorite Food Friday Polo Sabzi Polo

As a cultural food staple of Iran, often served at lunch during Nowruz-- the Persian New Year-- Sabzi Polo (meaning "greens with rice") is a traditional Iranian Cuisine eaten amongst friends and family. Steeped heavily in herbs and spices typical of many Iranian dishes, this fragrant arrangement of Basmati rice and greens enlivens the palette and tastes delicious with meat, fish, and vegetables, but is commonly made with white fish like mahi or halibut.

With various cooking styles that never leave out the polo (similar to rice pilaf), or the fresh chopped herbs such as parsley,...

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Favorite Food Friday: Mast-o Khiar (Cucumber Yogurt)

Favorite Food Friday Mast-O-Khiar

The tastes and flavors of modern, traditional-style Persian food is uniquely influenced by Iran and its neighboring regions. From Khoresh, to joojeh, to kuku, and even to kebabs and ice cream, the delicacies that arise amongst the various sections of Iran cultivate the eating style of this flavorful food mecca.

With savory recipes rife in exotic ingredients, the extensive list of Persian dishes, appetizers, and desserts that comprise Iranian cook books are filled with aromatic food components. Fresh herbs, apricots, quince, and prunes--often served with vegetables, rice, and

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Favorite Food Friday: Zereshk

Favorite Food Friday Zereshk

Sharp with flavor, rich in vitamin C, and high in pectin, the zereshk berry-- the Persian food name for the dried fruit of the Berberis Vulgaris shrub-- is grown all throughout Iran: the largest producer of the zereshk berry, and often used in chicken dishes and rice dishes like Zereshk Polo and Barberry Rice. 

ZereshkCultivated widely in the Iranian province of South Khorasan (especially in Qaen and Birjand), the use for the zereshk berry extends far beyond hot rice and chicken dishes and lends itself to other culinary recipes for jams,

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Turmeric is Zingy, Tasty and Healthy


A piquant, spicy, vegetable studded Indian curry. A fragrant, grilled, yellow hued Thai satay chicken skewer. Slow simmered, lemony North African lamb tangine. All of these culinary classics have in common the spice called turmeric.

Turmeric is an earthy, mustardy, peppery spice that is used in myriad global cuisines. It’s a staple of Indian foods, especially curries and dals. You’ll find it in North African foods, marrying with cumin and other spices to flavor stews and tangines. Turmeric is at home in the Middle East where it adds a pungent note to spiced rice and khoresht.

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