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Ceylon Loose Tea Tin Do Ghazal (Chai)(click on the SIZE to see the deals!)

Dou Ghazal

Ceylon Loose Tea Tin Do Ghazal (Chai)(click on the SIZE to see the deals!)

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100% Finest Ceylon Earl Grey Tea - Garden Fresh

Sri Lanka is one of the prominent places for producing excellent quality of tea. The finest teas of Sri Lanka are produced approximately 4000 feet above the ground in the bushes. Teas in the bushes grow gradually and moreover are tough to harvest as they have steep slopes. Teas cultivated in each region vary distinctly in flavor and color.

Ceylon has many tea producing areas like Ratnapura that is 55 miles east to the capital Colombo, Dimbula in the west of the central mountains, Uva is to the east of Dimbula, Galle to the south, and Kandy is adjacent to the ancient capital. Teas that are nurtured to a height of 1500 to 1800 feet are of superior quality. These type of teas do not possess a unique flavor and requires blending with tea nurtured in higher areas. Teas that are nurtured within 1800 to 3500 feet height possess good flavor as well as color. Teas produced at 3500 to 7500 feet height are the best teas and contains concentrated flavor. Ceylon Black teas are recommended to be taken with at least little milk.

Tea should be stored in an airtight container. Using a spoon and placing the lid firmly ensures the flavor for a longer period. Adding refined sugar is suggested as raw sugar brings a distinct aroma to the tea.

Packed in Sri Lanka

 500g Tin

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