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Barbeque Charcoal Chimney Starter Bull (Doodkesh E Zoghal)


Barbeque Charcoal Chimney Starter Bull (Doodkesh E Zoghal)


Chimney starter lights your Charcoal without the use of expensive and environmentally harmful chemicals and eliminates fuel taste and odor from your food.

Holds up to 6 Lbs Charcoal - ready in 15-20 minutes

Size of Chimney: Diameter 6.5" - 10.75" Height 

Direction: 1-Place two half sheets (14" * 22") of crumpled newspaper in the lower chamber of your chimney starter   

2-place the starter on the Coal grate of your Barbeque and pour up to 6pounds of Charcoal into the top of the chamber 

3-Light the paper from the bottom, making sure the paper is burning well and relax Coals will be ready in 15-20 minutes 

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