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Natural Volcanic Pumice Stone (Sang e pa)


Natural Volcanic Pumice Stone (Sang e pa)

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Sange Pa (natural volcanic pumice stone) is a tool to make the rough feet smooth and soft. It has been an indispensable part of Iranian baths for centuries. The natural abrasive qualities of Sange Pa makes it an excellent tool for scrubbing rough skin and callous areas of feet.

Made of volcanic lava rock it does not lose its effectiveness or shape, and will not soften or dissolve. Is is very lightweight and floats on the water.

How to use it:
1. Soak your feet for a few minutes, then wash it well with a soap, or Kisseh and Sefidab.
2. With a back and forth motion, rub the pumice stone over rough parts of your feet. Rub Sange Pa softly against the skin with a back and forth movement. This will take off the hard skin.
3. Wash the feet again with soap and warm water. Also, rinse the Pumice Stone with warm water after each use. Sange Pa is easy-to-clean and bacteria and mold resistant because of its volcanic nature.
Do not try to make your feet perfectly smooth with the first use. You may remove too much skin. If your feet are not dry and cracked, and also depending on how rough your skin is, you are probably able to make them soft in one use.

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