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Spare Rice Cooker Pot (Inner pot)- Pars Models


Spare Rice Cooker Pot (Inner pot)- Pars Models


One of our most popular items, Pars Rice Cooker, has now made attachments ready for purchase. To make great Tahdig you need a great rice cooker. If you want to make different amounts of rice or if your pot is starting to wear out, buy a replacement pot in six sizes:

3cups  is only compatible with the DRC-200 Pars Rice Cooker model.
4cups  is only compatible with the DRC-210 Pars Rice Cooker model.
5cups  is only compatible with the DRC-220 Pars Rice Cooker model.
7cups  is only compatible with the DRC-230 Pars Rice Cooker model.
10cups is only compatible with the DRC-240 Pars Rice Cooker model.
15cups is only compatible with the DRC-250 Pars Rice Cooker model.

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