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Persian Tea (Chai)

Chai Tea

England isn’t the only place where you can find a great cup of tea that’s both flavorful and comforting and that pairs perfectly well with scones or biscottis—it is a favored hot beverage in many different places and cultures around the world and a common drink any time of the day. In Iran, tea is a common Iranian food known as “chai”: a popular drink that has made its way to various regions of the world-- including the U.S –whose popularity in coffee bars has made it as sought after as a latte or cappuccino.

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Barbari Bread

Barbari Barbari Bread Bread

According to the Dehkhoda Dictionary of Persian Language, the word Barbari holds a few different meanings. The first is in reference to the Barbars (people living in Khorasan near the borders of Iran) and another is in reference to Barbari dialect: a language spoken in eastern Iran, Afghanistan, central northwest Afghanistan, and west of the Hazarajat. “Barberi” is also the first word in “Barbari bread”: an Iranian food that’s primarily made in Iran and a popular form of flat bread that out bakes others in competition.

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The Ultimate Fruit Snack: Lavashak (Iranian Fruit Roll)


Pre-dating the millions of name brand and off-brand fruit snacks—like Fruit-By-the-Foot and Fruit Roll-Ups—lavashak—a popular Iranian Food and sweet treat, sticky to the touch and decadent in taste—are thinly sliced pieces of fruit-juicy deliciousness and the originator behind this global snacking trend.


With a smooth fruity taste layered and spread into rectangular sheets of perfection, the lavashak's berry-flavored tones—both tart and sweet—embody this simple 

yet delicious delicacy. And the fact that it’s low in fat and high...

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Stewing Up Delicious Persian Memories with Fesenjan

Fesenjan Fesenjoon Polo

For those of Persian and Iranian descent, just hearing the word Fesenjan conjures up memories of home, family and childhood.  The dish speaks directly to the foundations of Mesopotamian cuisine as well as to our mouths and stomachs.  And for anyone with curious or adventurous palates, after your first spoonful of this delicious Persian chicken stew, you'll begin to create nostalgic memories of your own.


What is Fesenjan?


The dish itself is made up of classic Mediterranean cuisine staples, but like all good foods, has different variations based on family and regional recipes.  Classically, the...

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Favorite Food Fridays: Ghormeh Sabzi

Favorite Food Friday Ghormeh Sabzi Polo

Considered the national dish of Iran, the tradition and history of Ghormeh Sabzi ("stewed greens') dates back to at least 500 to 1000 years. Served as a main dish in Iranian households for hundreds of years and also as a meal for family members returning after long bouts away from home, the aromatic Persian herb stew is a popular Iranian food not only in Iran, but also in Iraq and Azerbaijan.

Though not the most visually pleasing of dishes, Ghormeh Sabzi makes up its lack of aesthetics with a taste unlike anything you've had before. Consisting of crisp and flavorful ingredients...

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